Friday, December 28, 2012

Weston is 12 months old


holy cow it went by fast... too fast. I just wrote your birthday letter but wanted to do the traditional monthly update. I will probably go to every other month or something like that now. We'll see. 

12 months looks like...

dont have stats, dr apt next week. I am guessing 19 pounds?

wearing 12 months clothes, still a little big
wearing size 4 diapers, still a little big OR BG cloth

sleeps 12 hours a night waking up once or twice to nurse- totally okay with that
take 1 long or 2 short naps a day
go to bed around 7:30, same time as ryan. thank you!

getting picky when it comes to food!
weaning off formula and going to whole milk in the bottle
thought I would be done nursing but you are loving it again so still do that a few times in a 24 hour period
love grapes, cheese, yogurt, and crackers

favorite toys are cars and balls!
trying to read more books but you could care less, silly boy
just started paying attention to the TV- likes baby Einstein 

loves the wubanub pacie and your taggy blanket. 
I found you in your bed one day- you took off your socks and was rubbing the tag on your toes just like Ryan. you guys are so crazy

will continue to rear face in the car as long as possible- hopefully making it another year! you dont mind it one bit and love our graco click connect 40 car seat. 

love to wear hats or play with mommys head bands

daddy is the favorite

you actually slept in our bed a bit! you roll around too much and got the boot though

you have had a few colds lately, I hate seeing you sick

you kind of understand that when I pull out the camera you should smile at me

you are a climber. you try to get on top of everything, can go all the way up the stairs and try to climb out of your crib- its on the lowest setting now so it should hold you a while longer

using the signs for more, all done, and milk

says mama and dada along with other babble. 

trying so hard to WALK. you take steps here and there but still nervous to totally take off. we are ready though

you have 6 teeth, 4 top, 2 bottom

you dance when music comes on and you laugh at me when I sing

you are getting into everything! I need to block off the kitchen because you try to get into the garbage and empty out the drawers and cabinets. 

still so happy all the time! 

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MommaBBabyboy said...

Oh he's so adorable! That year has gone so fast! Happy Birthday

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