Monday, November 5, 2012

future daddy

ryan and weston decemeber 2011

One of my favorite things about my boys is the fact that they both LOVE babies. Yes, even Weston who is still a baby himself. Everywhere we go they stare at all the babies- Weston will climb over and pat their head (or smack them in the cheek) and Ryan has to say hello and I love you, even if we don't know them.

They are so much like me as a child, all I wanted was to be a mom and I wanted to hold every baby I could find. I still have two of my baby dolls from when I was a little girl, one of them I got when I was 2 years old.

My boys love to play with the baby dolls and I am a huge supporter of that. I am teaching them how to be grown ups- and I pray that they will be able to be dads someday. It is more than just monster trucks and throwing balls for me. So we have baby clothes, a cradle, and of course all the baby gear for Weston. One of the baby dolls spends more time in the jumperoo than my real baby! I like the fact that they are learning life skills and having fun with it.

Today Ryan told me he was playing mommy and I loved watching him rock his baby and pretend feed her (it was a girl her name was winnie today) then he asked me to show him how to change a diaper. He is such a kind loving little 3 year old boy, he melts my heart. I try to remember perfect moments like that in the middle of an early evening meltdown :)

Since Weston was born, Ryan has been in love with holding babies! He held West all the time and now with so many of our friends having babies he is in baby holding heaven. He is so good at it and will just sit quietly on the couch admiring their cute little face and kissing their hands. He whispers sweet things in their ears and there is always a few "I love you baby!"

I think he will have a big family someday and maybe even babysit.... or manny, ha you never know! I just love it.

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