Monday, November 5, 2012

Weston is 10 months old

10 months, we are entering the holiday season and I know I will blink and we will be celebrating his first birthday in style. 

not sure on weight, probably just under 17 pounds

cloth diapers still, though I am starting to hate it- they stink
9 or 6-12 month size clothes

breastfeeding and formula 50/50 these days
eats all table food with gusto, loves oatmeal and yogurt the most
thinks cheerios in a bowl on the floor rocks

takes 2 really long or 3 short naps a day
goes to bed around 9 and sleeps til 9, waking up once or twice to eat
falls asleep on his own with his pacie and favorite blanket
never cries when he wakes up, just hangs out in his room til I go check on him!

has taken a few steps but nothing I would label WALKING yet
climbs up stairs, can't go down alone

has the best belly aching laugh
loves to play hide and seek
loves to wrestle with daddy and Ryan
love bath time and tries to climb in by himself

signs all done and more- sometimes

his hair is getting thick, finally. its a nice golden brown color with casts of red

still the best baby ever, I can't imagine loving him more.

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