Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ryan-isms vol.8

me: ryan close the door
ryan: im just going to stand out here for one second
me: whats a second?
ryan: smaller than a minute!

hubs: is yia yia a good grandma?
ryan: she is a goooood cindy (her name)

(as dad was leaving for work) see ya next time and good luck!

mama, me just going to pretend pump my nursies OKAY.

I am just going to go over here and cut some paper, and dont you tell me no.

totes goats! (or this one)

But I LIKE to be annoying!

"hoodle toodle mashed potato pizza hah hah hoodle!"      his new magic spell from fresh beat band

thats the deal.   (he says this over everything!)

I dont want to go to bed because I just love you so much. (awwww dying.)

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