Friday, June 22, 2012

So I'm a bit up tight.

Oh hey there. So hubs and I lay in bed and talk every night like we are 12 at a sleepover. Last night we were up til 2am- sorry kids, we were really tired and out of it this morning! 

One of the things we talk about is our pet peeves. He was joking that I should just start a running list because mine are never ending. I am so neurotic and up tight. Sorry ya'll. 

dirty floors aka dirty feet. eww.
unkempt hair on boys/men. get some moose or something
burping in public
when people have their own process or way of doing things that is different from mine
when parents take their kids to winco at 11:00pm. PUT THEM TO BED 
pj pants in public. put on some yoga pants at least
bad body odor 
poor grammar and incorrect spelling. use spell check.
painfully slow drivers
tv commercials 
bad tasting or even bland food
waking up early
when my kids dont nap (drive me insane) 
fidgeting or constant shaking
sweaty feet
feet being tucked in the sheets at the end of the bed
only sleeping with one pillow
warm milk
when my computer or phone run slow
wearing glasses- I need them but they bug my face so much
allergies. ugh. 
pumping my own gas. thank you oregon 
when I sit down to dinner and my food is cold
when my hair is flat
chipped nail polish
when places of business dont take credit/debit cards
catty girls
lying or "omitting" the truth
when I wake up at 5am starving and cant go back to sleep til I've eaten (happens all to often)
actually just being hungry in general, I get crabby
doing dishes
laying down in bed only to realize I forgot to fill my water bottle and/or turn the fan on
when people all the sudden have a shopping cart and think that they are the ONLY one in 
the store aka costco
bad parking jobs
when you get your hair done and it costs more than you anticipated 
when people talk REALLY loud and they dont need to
bad dreams. for real, I wanted to sleep and now I cant!
when Ryan walks into my room all ninja style and I wake up to him staring at me
leaving lights on 
or cabinets/draws open
not wiping out the sink after doing dishes 
when girls get complimented and they argue about it. "oh no I dont look pretty, I feel..." 
Just say thank you, be graceful.
people not pulling over for sirens (ambulance, police, firetruck)

OKAY woah. Its safe to say I could go on. I should also state that if any of my friends happen to do these things I dont mind I love you anyway. I get over it. Mostly they just bug me when its happening to ME. 

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