Wednesday, June 27, 2012

on my mind.

yeah thats my anytime fitness lanyard on my camera. I am a professional, watch out. 

its 1am. so naturally I am up blogging. I have the worst sleeping habits since having kids, I cant sleep when I should and want to sleep when I have to be up. I cant win. 

This parenting toddler thing is rough guys. I am totally worn out. I love Ryan so much its crazy. We have tons of fun, we tell secret and play silly games. We even have a hand shake. But boy does that kid push my buttons! I try to just keep cool and use the high way patrolman voice.. all steady with no emotion-like but sometimes I yell and then I feel bad. Sometimes I wish he was just a little baby still where all he needed was a boob and a blanket to be happy. 

Ironic enough that at that stage all I wanted was for him to be grown up and more independent. So I guess that means I should just enjoy him in the stage he is in because because before I know it, he will be all big and grown and gone. 

Which brings me to my next random thought- do you guys have a favorite parenting age? Of course we all love our kids no matter how old they are- but is there a particular age you just LOVE? Mine is the infant stage. I am pretty low key, low energy. I love to just sit around and hold/nurse my baby. I dont care if I get up and and go do something fun because I am loving every minute just cuddling the hours away. 

Weston is going to be 6 months old in a few days and he is mobile and busy, he realized that there is this big cool world out there that must be explored and therefore just chilling on the couch with mama watching SYTYCD isnt all its cracked up to be. Hes got places to be people. Its hard on me. Not to mention he is LOVING hims some daddy right now. All he wants is daddy which is great when its his day off from work but sad when hes gone. Ryan went through a few daddy phases too. Its awesome because I know they have such a great relationship with the hubs but I want them to understand I am cool too and there is no need to just cry because he is gone! 

On another random tangent.. My 3 year old WILL NOT poop on the toilet. Its getting really annoying and the more I try the more he rebels. Any ideas? He will only poop while he is sleeping. However he is totally pee trained and just wears underwear during the day. I dont even have to ask him if he needs to go, he does it all on his own. Today we were playing at the park and he had to go, for some reason I cant recall at the time he had a pull up on so I told him to just go in the pull up because there were no bathrooms around- of course he wouldnt and we got to have our first manly experience of peeing on a tree. Poor tree.... he thought it was awesome and now I am sure we will have to argue about why you cant pee on the trees at home. 

Weston, oh my sweet Weston.. Did I ever mention that his birth certificate and social security card had the wrong spelling? westIn.. not a fan let me tell ya. Well now he is officially westOn and I couldnt be happier. Time to get passports!

He also still hates baby food, we are doing the baby led weaning program and its going well. Hes still too little to give him anything thats soft for him to actually swallow but we are getting close. He just thinks its cool to sit in his high chair and blow raspberries at me while I cook dinner. And who wouldnt want to look at that face while they are in the kitchen? A crazy person, thats right. 

Well I think thats all the rambling I have for tonight, this was the most pointless post ever.

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