Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weston T. | 5 months old

Mr Weston went and did it again. He grew on me. He is now 5 months old! 

at 5 months old- 

wears 6 month clothes
one size bum genius pocket diapers or size 2 disposable
cloth diapering 95% of the time
sits up for seconds at a time
rolls over both ways
laughs coo's SO loud all the time
is always happy
takes 3 long naps every day
sleeps from 9pm til about 5am then goes back down til about 8am 
still exclusively breastfed and loving it. not really a comfort nurser but I love that I can fix anything with a boob!
has had a few sips of water from a sippy cup and loves it
tried baby food twice but doesnt seem ready yet. I am thinking about just starting table food using the baby led weaning program
loves his big brother more than ever and always stares at him, they play who can laugh the loudest in the car!
plays with toys, loves his crinkly book and sophie the giraffe the most, passes them from hand to hand and into his mouth
can put his own pacie back in his mouth
can scoot around and crawl backwards or in circles and will post up to his hands and knees
 (someone make it stop) 
loves his wubbanub pacie and his blankets
hangs out in his bumbo but is starting to climb out of it
likes to watch baby eintstein 
thinks its funny when I sing to him
got his first owie when Ryan dropped a sippy cup on his face :( black eye and all
decided he likes to sleep swaddled on his back instead of his tummy 
did I mention he is always happy? seriously ALL THE TIME. It's the best. 
and the biggest news of all- HE CUT HIS FIRST TOOTH! his poor gums are swollen and sore looking but hes hanging in there.

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