Sunday, April 8, 2012

weston go.

Everyone warned me it would happen. The cool factor of the new baby would wear off and Ryan would be over him. Start acting out, being more difficult, throwing fits..

WELL I am happy to say that none of that has happened yet but after a long day yesterday with 2 cranky kiddos and Weston getting more physical attention- Ry climbed up on my lap and told me "Weston go"

What buddy? Weston go where?

"Weston go back in mommy's tummy, I'm done"

It broke my heart because I know his love tank has not been filled lately. We havent been cuddling enough, I havent carried him around enough. We havent snuggled in bed long enough at night.

I am making a goal this weekend to spend some more quality TLC time with my eldest. I am not too worried about the long term effects however because right after he said he was done with his brother he climbed on top of him and proceeded to cover him in slobbery kisses and use his high pitched "Im talking to a baby" voice to say I love your guts... over and over.

They are going to be just fine :)

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