Wednesday, April 11, 2012

this kid.

This kid is AWESOME SAUCE. (imgaine that in ryans voice its to die for)

Ever since the "weston go" incident I knew that the eldest has been dying for some me time. He is still the apple of my eye and deserves to be selfish with me every now and then. 

We headed out to the zoo for the first time (he can remember anyway) and he was AMAZED at it all. He ran from exhibit to exhibit by the time we were done we were all too tired to even move. 

And the littlest? He loved it too. It was really his first outing other than trips to the mall or grocery store. He split up his time between nursing under a cover while we walked around, riding in the bumbleride, and chillin in the moby. He was in heaven. 
 we made Yia Yia come along too ;)
 he likes her a little dont ya think.

 YES he is almost THREE and still likes to be "worn" he was way too big for the front but he asked so nicely I couldnt say no.
Hubs celebrated the One Day Without Shoes movement by going barefoot.. I on the other hand just wore my toms! 

I think a zoo pass is in order, we had a blast. 

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