Friday, April 13, 2012

so we are cloth diapering now.

This is something I have wanted to do for a a while now- since Ryan was a baby actually. The thought of saving thousands and thousands of money was really appealing but the up front cost scared the poop (pun intended!) out of me. After dropping $80 on disposables at costco the other day something inside me snapped and I drove right over to my local cotton babies and took the plunge. Get ready for a lot of bullet points cause its late and I am tired.


  • saves thousands like I said before
  • healthier for their bums. weston is already looking better after a day!
  • the other day I cleaned up over 30 diapers off the floor of my garage. naaaaaaaaaasty.
  • ryan likes to poop and tinkle in disposables so he will never potty train- hoping this makes a difference
  • its so much easier than I thought it would be!
  • I try to be green but I dont try very hard. I am not really doing this because I want to save the planet I just want to save money. 

 bumbos float this was an awfully scary idea. dont ever try it.

  • bought 8 pocket one size diapers in Bum Genius brand. I am also trying other brands that are on loan from a friend. I will slowly buy more with each pay check. I need at least 25 and I like expensive ones :/
  • purchased samples of Bum Genius detergent I will try out and then will get more down the road. 
  • using ziplock bags instead of travel size wet bags for now. 
  • dirty diapers are in an open plastic bag in my laundry room. I will buy a large garbage can/tub to store them in soon. 
  • making our own toilet sprayer instead of buying the $40 one from the store. 
  • still using disposable wipes because I love them and have no problem but realizing they are kind of a pain. Before I would just put them in the d. diaper and toss the whole thing but now I have to find a place to stash them and its getting annoying. Contemplating switching to cloth wipes. Again not to be "green" but because I think it would be easier.
  • for now I am doing the bare minimum- no wet bags, no sprayer, no pre wash soap, blah blah but I will eventually purchase or make all these items. 
 this kind of photo set up is nearly impossible.....

Other thoughts-
I was really worried I would have to change their diapers ALL the time where I used to let them sit in it for a while (okay ryan and in his pee not the baby and not in poop!) but its not the case I just change them the same frequency I did before. Not too shabby.

Depending on the time of day and the kid and our plans I will put one or 2 inserts in the pocket. 

They both need to go up a pant size because their bums are SO big and puffy now. Its cute though! 

I really wish I would have just started from the beginning with Ryan. We were so poor when he was born so I didnt think we could do it- spend that much money in one chunk. But I could have bought a diaper or 2 a month and just slowly made the transition. I am kind of doing that now with only buying 1/4 of what I need this time. My recommendation to anyone wanting to do this but scared of the investment off the bat is start slow. You dont have to buy it all in one day. You can skimp by on what the sales lady called the "must haves' for a while- at least I can! It is WORTH IT. I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. 

I want to try every brand out there! Its exciting its a whole new world and I am just eager to know and try it all! I am looking on craigslist and hoping to buy some used ones from friends maybe (hint hint)
 this describes their relationship TO THE T.

I have so many questions! If you want or can answer them do it below in a comment PLEASE!
  • do I HAVE to pre wash? line dry? 
  • do you strip yours? how often?
  • what is your fav brand and why?
  • whats your fav websites or blogs for CD? 
Okay I thought I had more questions.. I guess we will save them for later? I took a video and its on the facebook page but I am having a hard time uploading it to the blog. But its cute- you should go watch it. 

My plan is to vlog my ask me anything questions tomorrow, I am a week behind on it but was hoping for more questions- silly or serious I dont mind! We will see how it goes.. it will require a shower and some make up first....

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