Tuesday, April 17, 2012

this is the perfect day

Hey guys, so this is going to be short and sweet- in words anyway there will be lots of pictures. this crap-o-la is back so I am not feeling too good. I started feeling icky 2 weeks ago and its kind of just getting worse every day. Going to the doctor on Monday- we shall see. BUT it hasnt been all bad ya know. We have had a lot of fun lately, especially since hubs siblings came to town last weekend and then I went to my parents for the week. I even get to photograph an itty bitty newborn while I am here!

 If you are new here you're in for it- I have a serious, need to go to a support group, kind of obsession love for farmers markets. We will spend hours there every Saturday that I can muster up enough gusto to pack the littles up- along with extra diapers, snacks, sippy cup, blankets if it gets cold and sunglasses if its too sunny. There are toys and treats and of course my camera. It takes a good 30 minutes to get out of the house and other ridiculously long time to get everything loaded onto "the beast" aka my double stroller.
 But, my friends, it is worth every second of "NO you have to wait til we get there to have a balloon animal" and "PLEASE stop taking your brother's socks off while I am trying to load up the car."

Once at the market we cruise through the gardening items, smelling basil plants, and wondering if this is the year I will actually grow tomato plants. (in case you are wondering the answer is always no) Then we hit up the local honey stand. A lifesaver every season to people like me, plagued with allergies so bad its not worth getting out of bed some days. We hand cash over for fruit flavored honey sticks- raspberry and lemon ones are the best if you ask me.
 *my brother in law, Jordan aka hubs with hair. and my sis in law Jennifer.

Then we hit up the food. Everyone say "oooooooooh yeah baby" in a real drawn out low toned voice. Mexican, teriyaki on a stick, fresh doughnuts, raspberry lemonade, fresh breads, and toasted nuts... gyros if you are into that stuff too. Its always an experience for the taste buds and you know the food's good when the line is so long it starts to snake around other booths and curve around groups of people admiring each others dogs (oh yes there are LOTS of dogs too)
 This particular time we stayed for 3 hours- I met up with my local photography peers and shot some still life-

 After our arms and strollers are filled with food we check out the local entertainment. This week was the Travis Petersen Band. To say they rocked my world would be an understatement. They popped off with everything from Keith Urban's Stupid Boy to an acoustic version of  Kanye West's Heartless with a few originals added into the mix. Go buy their CD. I left my business card in their box hoping they will contact me for photography services down the road.

 There were balloon animals and some serious park play time too.

 She won the prize for prettiest dog that day. 6 months old- I wanted to steal her.

Anywho... back on the ranch. Still not sure how this whole middle part thing is working out. Thoughts? Anyone? I kind of have a 5-head, and I passed that onto the eldest for sure.

 On Sunday I told Ryan I wanted to take his steppin out picture- I have no clue where this came from I swear... I like to call it, vogue- strike a pose.

Then there was "the perfect day" according to Ryan. I cant remember where he said it but it was somewhere between our target trip, panera, the book store, and all the walking around town in between. He told me "this was the perfect day mom". It pretty much made my heart explode in wonder and awe at that moment.
 Aunt Hannah is like magic. I want to keep her bottled up in my pocket for safe keeping... creepy? maybe a little but just roll okay.
The perfect day got even more perfect-er, I have been meaning to pick up THE book of the moment since it hit shelves a week or so ago. When I stormed into B&N on Monday I cruised up and down isles til I found it on a display shelf right there in the front of the store. It was under the New York Times best seller sign. Heck yeah! #11!
 The second I held that book in my hands, I glided my hand over the satiny smooth cover and tried to hold back the tears- because who really cries before they have even OPENED the dang thing. That would be yours truly. I knew of the possibility for greatness within its pages before I flipped open the cover. I was 47 pages in later that afternoon. I had already ugly cried, let happy tears roll, and laughed so hard I snorted. Now I am almost half way done and I haven't decided if I am going to bury myself in my room with it and box of kleenex til its done or go hug my babies and dance around in the kitchen because Kelle makes me want to be a better mom. She inspires me. If you dont know what the heck I am talking about go read THIS post on Kelle's blog and then go read everything else. I wont have to convince you to buy the book because you will already be half way to the store with wallet in hand. btw there is also a book trailer. cool right.
 My parents are renting a house with a pasture- a family friend of theirs brings her horses over every now and then to eat down the grass. Its always a treat for the eldest dude.
 Ryan's so called perfect day kept getting better with feeding horses "carwots and appoles" then building a fire with Papi and doing a time honored, manly tradition of stacking wood up high, letting it burn, and roasting some hot dogs.
 I love his warm embrace that stinks to high heaven smells like burning wood and smoke. It means he is his element. All dirty, and roughin' it, and boy-ish. It reminds me quite boldly that my baby is gone and left in his place is this highly capable, outspoken, wood chopping, elated, B-O-Y.

 Mimi has the best toys.. probably because they came from a generation where batteries weren't needed and touch screens weren't even in our vocabulary. Let me tell you, its awesome.
 She also has some incredibly large windows in her house that let in the most heavenly, sweetly perfect light.
 See, best toys ever. My dad's vintage marble collection. I just want to keep them in a jar on my bookshelf because they are so pretty to look at.
 Oh and by the way. My son would make such a pretty girl.....

Sorry hubs. I had too.

I am eagerly looking forward to cuddling the littlest in my huge comfy bed, and finishing Bloom tonight, then waking up to another "perfect day" tomorrow.

Woah, remember when I said this would be SHORT? I tend to forget how therapeutic writing is and how things flow the most when sitting down to type is the last thing I want to do. I can't even begin to tell you how much this blog means to me. Its my 3rd baby and I love them all the same :)

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