Friday, April 13, 2012

steppin out.

Oh dear Sydney how on earth do you do it. You make your body bend and hit the light just right everydangtime. I try to do it. I fail everydangtime.

top old navy
jeans a&e. they are my early pregnancy/post baby jeans :/ wishing I could pack them away already!
belt bp 
sandals target

Today was a day of firsts. First middle part (since elementary school anyway) first belt IN the loops, first tucked in top. I also had lipstick on. Lets just say HUGE failure.  I feel like any one of these things could have stood on their own but all together it was just bad. This face says it all. 
I see toms and a pony tail for the rest of the day my friends. Hubs stepped out to work. Lookin mighty fine if I do say so muh-self. 
He hates that I made him take this picture. Anyway he works for Verizon Wireless. He is the best salesman/customer service/fix your phone and make it awesome- er in the whole world. That is not a biased opinion. That is fact. If you need phone help hit him up via emailing me. 

This also happened today. We were hanging out in bed when we heard Ry making noise down stairs. After a while he came up to tell me its was breakfast time. He got out the eggs, cheese, bacon, a bowl, and TWO forks. I think this means he is all grown up... sigh. 

Steppin out plans include hanging out with my bro and sis in law who each came in to town last minute. Hubs father was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday where they found multiple blood clots in his legs and and lugs. He is at home, on blood thinners and doing MUCH better. Thank you for ALL the prayers we have received this week. Dinner will most likely take place at Ryan's personal heaven on earth- the olive garden. 

psssst. did you hear we switched to cloth? read all about it here

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JencyJo said...

Love it! I've been doing the middle part in my hair too. It feels so weird but I kinda like it :) love ya!

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