Monday, April 23, 2012

Ryans big boy room reveal

Its a good thing I am not a DIY or design blogger because posts would never happen. I want a space to be perfect before I will let anyone, not blood related, see it. And that takes time- so when I said a few months ago that I was going to start showing parts of our house I have been working on it room by room ever since.

There are a few things in his room that will eventually change, I havent knocked it out of the park yet but here we go-

The thing that needs the most work is the furniture because its such a random hodge/podge of hand me downs and left over ikea goodness.

The bed is a full size- we went from a crib straight to that and it was perfect. It was handed down from my parents and Ryan loves it. Its big enough we didnt worry about him rolling off in the beginning and also big enough it can double as a guest room if needs be.

the "night stand" is a cheap Ikea table that just needs to GO but we already it so it works for now.

Dresser was my fathers when he was a kid, they have kept it all this time and my brother used it for a while too. I am not a fan of how it looks but I like the sentimental value.

Lamp and shade- ikea

 Curtains and rod- IKEA (we went there a lot)

You are my sunshine print made by my mom using Heritage Makers
canvas finger painted by ryan this last fall
book shelves- spice racks from... you guessed it, ikea!
 some favorite photos, hand prints given to daddy april 2010,, cross stitch with his birth information done by my aunt, abacus- ikea
 letters from the craft store- they were in his nursery and I hate them in here over the bed is going to change too!

Bedding from ikea as well, car and striped pillow were ikea fabric. I sewed them using this tutorial. Green pillow from ikea. 

My goal for this room was for it to match his personality- its loud and vibrant! I love all the bright colors and textures.

Projects to do are-
paint the bed and get a long short dresser to replace the old dresser and nightstand table
redo the space over his bed and ditch the letters

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