Monday, April 2, 2012

on babies, pandora, and heaven

More often than not my days are crazy, loud, and chaotic. The house gets trashed, my patience is worn thin, multiple tantrums are had- this is one of the many reasons I love bed time. I love it not for the first guess of I am finally rid of the kids for a while but because of moments like this and this. Its a time where we can come together as a family and unwind from the waves of the day.

Tonight I pulled on my bathing suit and hopped in the tub with both boys for a while, then we got all lotion-ed up and in pj's. We read the scriptures, had family prayer, and then we split up. Daddy with Ryan and me with Weston.

If you ever want to know what heaven is like I have a feeling this is as close as it gets...

Its turning on the Priscilla Ahn playlist on pandora that you have carefully crafted to perfection over the last 2 years or so. It's leaving the shades open so the glow of the moon lightly rests on your baby's sweet smelling skin. Its gently curling up in the well worn rocking chair with the babe while the slight creak in the chair and the melodies flowing from your phone lulls you both to sleep. Its your baby's hand laying on your breast and how you can tell how asleep he actually is by how tight or loose his grip is.

Moments like these remind me why I love being a mother more than anything else in the world. It is my calling for sure. I love the newborn stage where times like these are plenty and I also cherish the toddler stage where he can call me by name over to his bed and ask for a "little bit cuddle mom."

If there is anyone out there who questions whether the trials of parenting are worth it I have one word for you-


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