Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"you're so vain"

Okay imagine the song above playing in the background as you scroll through some selfies I took the other day. I got a remote for my camera for christmas and hadn't broken it out yet. Ryan thought it was totally awesome and joined the fun too. After a few lovely bloggy friends talked about the importance of self portraits on our blogs I felt guilt that my face rarely graces this blogs presence. I have few pictures of myself because most of the time I dont like the way they look (not trolling for compliments I promise) but I have been told the more I get in front of the camera the more comfortable I will feel. Hoping thats true because these are WAY out of my zone.

And thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I am going to just branch out and blog about it all! First up- some home overhaul updates. We bought some new things tonight including a dark grey sectional sofa that I am in LOVE with. Cant wait to show you!

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