Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I hate blogging about blogging

I do, I do, I really do. But I am going to do it anyway. I am sitting here in my super uber messy house (pictures of that are coming tomorrow) chowing down on last nights home made left over BBQ chicken pizza thats to die for while the little dude sleeps away in his swing and the big dude tears apart my kitchen trying to find everything to make pop corn with my hot hair popper. I look at my life, at this blog.. they sometimes go hand in hand as this really is my spill all, share all dumping ground.

My life was put on hold for most of 2011. We had some family issues to work through, we moved into a new house, and then of course that pregnancy thing. Zofran twice a day every day for 8 months if that gives you an idea of how sick I really was. Things are getting back to normal finally and now I feel the strong urge to kick it into high gear over here. And I want to blog about it all. But I am torn. I love my niche bloggers. The daybook, Chris loves Julia, The art of making a baby.. they all have their thing and they are really really good at it. I guess this has been mostly a baby/mommy blog and thats what you are all used too. My endless rants about toddler sleep patterns, my dreams for my sons in the future, and throwing up in the car.

There is more to me than that. I have a strong desire brought on by my husbands jokes about living in sweatpants purgatory (thank you Up All Night) to start dressing better even when I am just at home. Like today I am in sweats no make up hair messy, my kids are still in the pjs.. ridiculous there is no excuse for this. I had big pinterest plans for this little ol house of ours and started dreaming about projects and new decor when we moved in.. well that was last september and it still looks like our apartment just bigger. I want to take one room at a time and give it a serious overhaul. I have been saving up and I am pretty sure this is where I want to invest some moolah. I am a pretty decent cook, meaning I can follow recipes well yet we eat out most of the week because I am way too unorganized and busy to plan out a menu. I started my photog biz last year and I know this is down time for most but I still want the business to grow. I want to be shooting more and be bringing on new clients. That means I need to sharpen my skills, I need more practice with my camera and I need to be better.

I guess my question to you my lovely friends and readers where do I draw the line. Do I blog about it all? Do you care to have an all access pass to my life and the things going on here that dont include cute baby cheeks smiles? Do I just start blogging everything that I am working on? I wonder if it will keep me motivated to change and do better knowing there is someone to hold me accountable that doesnt just love me unconditionally (sorry hubs and mom you dont count!)

I dont usually get comments but I would really love some input of what YOU want to see out of Me and Mine in 2012. Leave it here or on facebook.


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