Thursday, February 10, 2011

sweetest boy

I have been taking a TON of pictures of Ryan lately, more than normal which is already a lot. Why you ask? Because he will actually look at me. Its a miracle. So for your viewing pleasure..
He loves sitting on the washer and he loves smelling Scentsy's so this was a good moment for him.

Love my red headed boy!

He found a pacie! (he gave that up at 9 months)

hehehehe I think this is how it used to go

Oh thats right I gave that up for a reason.

Ryan wanting to see the pictures I've been snapping

Signing "drink." He is starting to use more signs again! Its been a rough 6 months with no communication coming from him but now we've got 
lots of animals
pop corn
help, please, and thank you
car (kinda)
"ryan do it"
buzz light year

I think I am missing some but you get the point he is coming leaps and bounds people!

unfortunetly he still gets really frustrated because there is a lot he still cant say but its getting better we have our first meeting with the OT the next Tuesday.  

Me and mine :) we tried out the timer on my camera today for the first time per request of 

We had some blurry issues baaad. It would focus on the wall behind me and then when I ran around to jump in the shot I confused the camera. Ryan thought it was awesome and would lay on his belly next to me and squeal in delight.

Oh and please leave me a sweet comment its been a long week and I need you.



Lindy Leigh said...

Very nice photos! Sweet post.

Miss Mouse and Me said...

love the pics,lauren!! way to go ryan for signing....i have been practicing with graycie but i suck at remembering to do it ALL the time. can't wait to see you guys again!!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

too cute!! he is getting so big!! hope all is well!! If you want to finish your board, you can use the stencils!! I have a ton!! call if you need anything!!

Meg said...

He is so cute and I just LOVE your hair style. So pretty!!

Halie said...

Halie from Nauvoo. You look great. You make being a mom look like something I would want to do. (Which is a big deal.)

Penny said...

love that cutie pie boy!

Courtney said...

How stinkin CUTE!! Gah! I love his red hair and his cute little facee :-)

S+S+S said...

Lauren! I did not realize that Ryan really dOES have red hair! It is SOOO adorable. You both look great and I'm so glad he is communicating again! He will get it! : ) Love and miss you! Youre the BEST!

AmyLee said...

LOVE that second one. such a cute little boy. so so happy things are going well!!

Mitch + Roz said...

A-Dorable!! You and your baby are so darn cute.. hope you're doing well!

Shawntae said...


These are soo cute. I'm so glad you took these!

Lovers your face a lot you pretty girl!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

Yay! Thank you so much for stopping by and I can't wait to see your vlog and read more about you and this adorable little man!

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