Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 weeks and postpartum

Weston T. is 6 weeks old already! Three days ago I cried while packing up his newborn clothes, I love that he is healthy and thriving but I wish he would just slow down. I am a newborn mama for sure I love the first 6 months they are my favorite and time is slipping away just too quickly for my taste.

at 6 weeks Weston is:

wearing 0-3 month size clothes but they are still a little big
size 1 diapers

awake much more during the day but still takes long naps

insists on being in bed at 11pm sharp every night and gets very irritated if I try to cuddle him after this point

sleeps from 11 to either 4 OR 6 am then goes back to bed til 9

still sleeping in our room in his pack n play on his tummy with his pacie and tiger that plays lullabies 

loves tummy time and baths

obsessed with Ryan

SMILING and cooing a bit. I LOVE these moments

has baby acne pretty bad but it should clear up in a week or so

burps like an old man 

lets me swaddle him sometimes

loves the boobies and nursing but only eats when hes hungry unlike his brother who was a comfort nurser for sure.

enjoys the little travel swing that's for grandmas house over the big nice swing. go figure. 

getting chunky fat rolls. love

loves his soothie pacie

losing his hair in the back and sides, it looks funny.


As for me and being postpartum- its interesting for sure. Completely different from things with Ryan. I felt really good coming off this pregnancy almost like a high. I was blissfully happy and I was scared that it would all come crashing down like it did before. Things were amazing for about 3 weeks but then it hit me one day in Target of all places when my mom called me and I just started sobbing right there in the little girls section while I was trying to make a B line for the baby stuff behind it.

Since that day I have been taking an antidepressant because I didnt want to pass it off as baby blues and struggle for the next few months. I am really glad I made the choice I did and am not ashamed of needing a little extra help. Having a baby does so much more than make your belly big for 9+ months. It affects your mind, spirit, body, and soul. Every part of you changes when you have a baby and it happens again when you have a second, third and so on. As for now I am feeling really good. I still will randomly feel like crying for no reason and if I am at home or another socially acceptable place like my car at a stop light then I will just let it out. I take it as my body's way of ridding itself of crazy pregnancy hormones I no longer need. Plus having an infant is rough no matter how easy they are or how many times you've done in in the past. Thats something to cry about right there!

Having a baby is also a wonderful thing, its life's greatest thrill if you ask me. I am sure I have new moms or newly pregnant ladies reading and my point is not to scare you or depress you about what life is like after that baby comes. I was unprepared for the emotional side of delivery and beyond the first time and I dont want anyone to be in shock like I was. So breathe a sigh of relief girls, its awesome. Trust me, I will do it again in a few years for sure and probably more after that too.

As for the bod- back down to my pre RYAN weight. 6 months before I got pregnant with Weston I was diagnosed with psuedotumor ceribri which is a really fancy way of saying my body acted like I had a brain tumor when in fact I did NOT. Scary time I never want to repeat- during that whole thing I lost a lot of weight to the point where people thought I was struggling with an eating disorder. It was just all the medication I was taking for it. So to say I want to be back to pre weston weight is not true that was not very attractive in my opinion. I like to have some hips and boobs! However I am really bad at working out which means I have ZERO muscle on this body of mine. Being a gymnast for many years I always had greatly toned muscles and I am dying to have them back. I am going to start some light weight training soon.

Breastfeeding- going amazing! I have been blessed with great boobs, good eaters, and patience to learn the art- for it truly is. I have always had an ample milk supply but the last week its been rough. Hardly any let down and I can tell Weston is really irritated after a min or so when there isnt much left and the same thing happens on the other side. So instead of filling his belly to the brim every 4 hours I am topping him off every 1.5 to 2 hours hoping to get my body to produce more again. I am also being extremely lazy relaxing, drinking lots of water, and trying to eat everything in sight. Hopefully it will get better in a few days. My nursing bras are a 34E (yeah I know..) but I barely fill out my B cups from before! Pray for me and my milk please.

If you made it through all this, mad props to you. I just want to be able to remember everything and I know from experience if I dont write it down I will forget over time. This is such an amazing time in my life I would never want to lose it.

Happy 6 weeks Weston T!

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