Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am kind of smitten with this baby boy. He is perfect, perfect for me, perfect for this family. He had a rough day today, lots of changes. He is now a big boy, his umbilical cord stump fell off and now there is a cute little belly button in its place. Its a good thing too because it was getting stinky and gross. He also had his circ. done today :( poor baby but something I am glad we have done on our boys. Diaper changes have been rough though and you can tell he is really uncomfortable. On top of it his tiny tear ducts are getting the best of him and his left eye is all gooey! Through all of this he decided to just sleep it off and has been snoozing most of the day. I love it when he sleeps- he makes little squeakie sounds and pouts his lips.

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