Monday, January 2, 2012

meeting your best friend

When I found out I was pregnant I was so excited for Ryan to have a sibling. I always knew he would just do better with a side kick, he was not made to be alone. When we found out we were having another boy I was elated. Two boys, 2.5 years apart. I hoped they would be best friends. 

We debated back and forth about bringing Ryan to the hospital to meet Weston. He doesnt have any good hospital experiences and the whole place just really gives Ryan the heebie-jeebies. I was gone 2 nights and both were really hard on him, he is used to sleeping in our bed and was really worried that I wasnt there on the pillow next to him. He would cry "mommy home" over and over. So we figured it was better to bring him to see us.
 I had to take a discharge "how to care for your baby" kind of class since it had been over 2 years since my last birth (like I had forgotten or something) When I was wheeling Weston down the hall way in his bassinet I heard hubs and Ryan playing in my hospital room. I stopped the bed just outside the door and did my mama whistle that Ryan always answers to. He RAN to give me the biggest hug and despite tons of stitches I dropped down to my knees to give him one back. I judged his overall demeanor and decided that the snack kitchen would be our first stop before we threw his new brother at him. After some juice and a cup of fruit we all settled into the hospital room. 
 Daddy told him in the car that he was going to go meet "baby es" so he was more than excited when I pulled him out of the bassinet. I asked him who it was and he knew right away and told me he came out of my tummy! Of course he wanted to hold him as soon as he could.
 He climbed up on my bed and while I was grabbing my camera I laid Weston down and Ryan crawled over and said "Hi baby es!" he patted his tummy, gave him a hug and a kiss all on his own without any coaching. I think my heart literally exploded with love for these two boys at that moment. I was so worried about how I would cope with being a mom of two, would I love them both the same, would I favor one over the other, would I feel like I had enough love for the both of them? The answer to that is YES.
He loved holding Weston and was so careful with his head and making sure he was safe in his arms, I didnt have to help him much and when he was done he kindly told me so. He told us we could bring him back to our house :) I know we are only 5 days into this big brother thing but its going really well. I really think they will be bestest buds as they grow up. Ryan is so helpful already, he always comes over and gives him hugs and kisses and says hello. He gets me diapers and finds the pacie and anything else his baby needs. I know it wont be like that every day and we will have our struggles but doesnt every good sibling relationship have those? Best friends forever right here baby.

But, things arent perfect. Ryan is super grossed out by Westons "belly button maker" he thinks its a bug or something and every time I change him he slowly backs away in the other direction. Twice he has actually started to throw up and was dry heaving. His eyes get all red and watery and he gags, its so sad/funny at the same time. I told him he had a belly button maker when he was a baby too and that resulted in a "noooooooooo!" with his hands grabbing his belly. Hopefully Westons will fall off soon and then we can move on with things. In the the meantime I just feel bad for the poor kid.

All in all we love having these 2 boys, they love having each other. We are so blessed things are amazing.

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