Saturday, December 3, 2011

birth plan

There is always lots of talk about a mothers "birth plan" in the late stages of pregnancy. Music? Candles? Yoga ball? Pain meds or drug free? Then there are the classes, hypno-birthing, lamaze, bradley method and so on. Personally I have done none of this. My birth plan consists of:

Go to hospital

Get epidural while still in the parking lot ;)

Watch netflix on my xoom and sneak bites of food when my nurses are gone

When they pull out the stirrups I will start to push

Hug my sweet baby boy tightly and tell him over and over how much I love him and call it a day!

Good plan right? Maybe not, we shall see when we get there. I have never gone into labor before and really have no idea what to expect. I have read tons and watched far too many youtube videos. I have also witnessed a birth. I feel like things are going to happen the way they are and there isnt much I can do about it. Maybe I am wrong. But all I care about it having a healthy baby safe in my arms. I am not too particular on how it happens (I am still wanting a vbac though!)

I am almost 37 weeks and cant believe how fast and slow its going at the same time. I have been pregnant for NINE months! I am hoping to start dialating slowly and have this baby before christmas. I am not crossing my fingers too tightly because at 39 weeks with Ryan I still had no signs of labor but we shall see. My heartburn might actually be killing me and my belly is getting bit and my maternity pants too tight. Its like climbing Everest to carry Ryan up the stairs! I have never had a baby be head down before and it feels so weird, the insides of my legs are so sore all the time like I have been working out or something. I can point out at all times where his little bum is and he makes snow angels all day, you can see his arms and legs swimming around on my sides. I love it.

None of us can wait to meet our newest addition we love him to pieces already.

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