Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and counting.

Do you see that little baby ticker in the corner?! 42 days til due date! Hopefully less til we actually get to hold our little man. With everything going on I am holding out that I wont go the full 40. Now dont go telling me thats whats best and let him cook as long as he can, yadda yadda. I know all of that. I will ride this out til he is darn good and ready but I am hoping that he cooks fast and comes middle of December.

And speaking of lately, my son calls me babe and yells things like "Hey mom!" to me all day long, like a teenager or something. But then 5 minutes later he is working out his imagination by pretending to be a puppy, he only barks and crawls around and will only answer to doggy Ryan.

We are kind of trying potty training again, He wears underwear at home during the day and if we are going on a quick errand. He still doesnt really like telling me when he has to go so I just take him every hour. Its not really trained but oh well. I am not going to push it, when he's ready he will do it.

The big bed in his new room is going GREAT. He is for the most part staying in bed, we just threaten to put up the baby gate at his door if he gets up and he hates the idea of that enough to where he stays put. He loves having a HUGE bed with all his pillows and blankets and stuffed animals.

Between hubs working full time, in his MBA program, me coaching gymnastics and running my own business, church responsibilities, 3x a week at the chiropractor, every other week and soon to be weekly OB appointments, Ryan, being pregnant, the holidays, and of course that little thing we like to add in called family time, it is MADNESS around here!

In the midst of it all I was thrown a beautiful baby shower over the weekend, we are so loved and spoiled! I will post pictures soon.

6 weeks til baby.... counting down its going so fast and slow all at the same time.

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