Sunday, September 4, 2011

proof I am still alive...

..but barely! Who else would have taken pictures of the chaos? Moving with a toddler and one in utero is no task for the weak or faint of heart. This move about killed me and the only reason I am sitting here is because my parents drove 3 hours down here yesterday to help. Why is it the kitchen takes the most time to do and then and only then you can move on to the rest of the house? It was madness let me tell you.

Packing up our apartment. People get sentimental when they move. "aww this is where he took his first steps and we celebrated his first birthday!" Heck no. Get me out of here......
 hubs away at work while I bugged him with the camera.
Ryan thought moving was cool for a little while. He helped me put stuff in boxes and label them with scribbles of crayon while I did the important job like printing RYANS ROOM in huge easy to find letters on the top. He wanted to make sure he wasnt going to be left behind.
Getting into the new place was rough on the other hand. He spent most of the big day with a friend or at grandmas house so he missed the actual loading of the truck and taking away all his stuff. When we picked him up later that night (way past bed time) and took him to his new house he freaked out. Full on crazy style. He was so confused and kept running to the front door crying "ME HOME!" translated to "get me the crap out of here and take me to my house now" He did not understand this was our NEW house. See all of our stuff here? This is our couch, this is your bed, here are all your toys. He spent most of the night screaming and crying in our room to "go home" None of us slept. Remember how I said I dont get all sad when we move to a new place, leaving behind old memories? Well he was SO upset that at 4am I went down on the couch and had a good cry with him. How could I take him away from the only home he's ever known. He hates it here, I now hate it here. WHAT DID WE DO? We made the biggest mistake! Talk about pregnant hormones. I think I scared him with how hard I was crying too. 

After a lot of praying that we would all feel settled and at peace in this new place, and once the sun came up our boy was quite happy here and it now feels like HOME.

The view from my stairs (holy cow my legs and butt are sore I am not used to those!)
Isnt it sad how this picture and the before in apartment picture look the same? We are slowly making progress thanks to many friends and family's help. Ry has enjoyed running up and down the stairs and playing in the fenced back yard (do you hear heavenly angels singing right now like I do? amazing.) 

My feet arent as swollen and my back isnt as sore today and we made tons of progress yesterday. Seriously that kitchen about did me in. I am ready to tackle it again tomorrow and get the boys rooms set up, clean out the random boxes in our garage and start to DECORATE! I have been saving pages and pages on Pinterest (go check them out!) I am excited to finally start doing all that stuff. The next set of house pictures will be up in a few weeks!

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