Monday, September 26, 2011

ouchie mama

Today was a huge mama fail and every time I think about it I cringe. We were making dinner, Ryan and I both had our aprons on even. Somehow he had turned on the toaster oven and put in a rubber lid opener (like the ones you use when a lid is on really tight?) I grabbed it out as fast as I could and it melted all over both our hands. Ryan got the worst of it by far and broke out in horrible hives and was screaming so loud. I rushed over to the sink and under the cold water peeled the rubber off his hands and started soaking it in ice. Poor boy couldnt stop crying and screaming "hot mama!" We were both crying soon after. It took about an hour of convincing him that the water was helping his hand to feel better but eventually we just sat on the couch and took turns icing our burns. One of the blisters already popped and he has a few other ones still, one of them is so big I had to take pictures. He keeps telling me "ouchie hand"

These were taken about 3 hours after he got burned. Pray he feels better soon and he can sleep tonight! :(

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