Thursday, September 22, 2011

26 weeks awkward and awesome-ness

I have been reading Sydney's Awkward and Awesome installment since she started and today is my first go at it. As I was going through the first half of my day I couldnt help but think of a few things that apply. 

awesome: ryan playing with grandma all morning, hubs home from work for the next 4 days, going to the mall with hubs, childless, sipping salted caramel hot chocolate, and getting a 10 min chair massage. 

awkward: wearing heeled boots and my feet wanting to fall off and limp away as soon as we got in the door of the mall, going tinkle right before we left and then having to go again as soon as we got there (its close enough to walk to btw) the closest bathroom being upstairs in Macy's in some creepy back corner near the couches and bedroom sets, asking every store if they have bathing suits and them looking at us like we are nuts, yes I know its almost October. 


I am 26.5 weeks pregnant today! Yahoo! Baby boy is viable, which is a term I hate cause it sounds awful and morbid but there is something about getting to this point that helps me breath a little easier and walk with an extra pep in my step. My body did it, we made it this far! 

26 weeks: 
weight gain- 17 lbs thank you to onion dip and poptarts, thankfully not together. 
Still breech, have a feeling it will be the same as Ryan and never flip- getting used to the idea of maybe another c section though I am still bummed. My OB is working with the university hospital here on a new procedure to vaginally deliver frank breech (butt first) babies. He said if thats something I wanted to do we can see if thats an option for me. It freaks me out, NO way!
He doesnt really look like Ryan from his 3D ultrasounds and here I thought they would be twinsies. His nose it totally from MY side of the family, boooo. 
Still sleeping like crappers, between heart burn, restless achy muscles, and just wanting to lay on my back its almost pointless some nights.
He is SO much lower than Ryan its crazy! I feel like I have to hold him in when I walk around. Ryan was high and in the front, this baby is LOW and in my back. 
The best news of all is passing my glucose test with an 89! First time around with Ryan I got a 220 and didnt even have to do the 3 hour. I was told that I most likely had it again and thought from earlier sugar scores I did at home I was diabetic again but I AM NOT!! I ate a huge chocolate bar today in celebration.
I am starting to see lots of differences in them and I am kind of excited about it, it will be a whole new experience.

We also have a name picked out. I feel weird telling people that we do and we arent telling so then I tell some people and 75% of the time I get a bad reaction. SO I guess here goes. We have a name and YOU HAVE TO WAIT til hes born to hear it, people do it all the darn time so deal. Its not like its a weird one or anything..

:) Thanks for understanding!

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