Thursday, August 11, 2011

county fair round 2

I did the fair with just Ryan and it was a LOT of work. I was happy to go back for round 2 with hubs. Here are some awesomely candid and sort of embarrassing photos from that day.
 No making fun of me. I am pregnant and there was cotton candy, I attacked that bag.
 Ryan FLIPPING out, he wanted to go on the rides so bad so we forked over half his college savings to buy a few passes. He was terrified when the moment actually came and wouldnt ride one of the horses so hubs was stuck with him on the bench.
 Yes, pure terror. I couldnt feel too bad though because he wasnt alone. The hard part came during the next ride.
 He wanted to ride the car so so bad, tantrum style because I wasnt going to let him. So sure enough he was terrified the whole time and I was fighting back tears watching my baby have an internal panic attack. Ryan hates new things, he is scared of change, he doesnt do well with uncertainty. Its my job to teach him how to get through life's ups and downs. Somehow this was a step in the right direction.
 Then something cool happened. After his first go at the car ride he didnt want to get out and asked to ride again. Since this was the only ride he seemed to tolerate and we had a bunch of tickets we let him. I was surprised because I didnt see a single smile the whole first time but the second.. oh he loved it.
 The most recent family photo. Its rare that we are all together and then there is someone to take a picture of it. Hello large baby bump.

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