Thursday, August 11, 2011

20 weeks

Its HUMP week. That means we are half way baby. I cant believe in 20 short weeks this little jelly bean will be fully cooked and mine all mine forever. I am praying fervently that the last half will go just as fast as the first. Between now and due date we are

moving from an apartment to a rental house- yahoo for more bedrooms, there is no way with ryans *awesome sleeping habits I can do a shared nursery, none of us would ever sleep again

hub's family coming to town for the baby blessing of my newest niece Kailer, I cant wait to meet her.

massive family trip to Hawaii (happy 28 weeks to me) have I mentioned this trip is GROWN UPS ONLY and for 7 days.

Halloween- matching (themed) family costumes this year, you just wait and see

And then those little things like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time is going to fly.

Okay back to jelly bean. We have 3 names picked out and still not sure on what its going to be yet! I might put myself out there and put up a poll or something but it will probably come down to seeing his sweet face in person to make the final call.

the stats
week: 20, 139 days to go
weight gain- 13 lbs. all in the girls and my booty
cravings- slushies, otis spunkmeyer cookies, peanut butter with apples, and Kix
baby's heart rate- 142

facts- sciatic nerve going nuts and killing me. I about die when I stand up and walk around.I am going to the chiro 3 times a week.
sleeping like POO, I am so tired all the time but am wide awake when I hit the pillow.
baby is moving like crazy cakes. he hurts me sometimes
heart burn from drinking water. whats the wives tale about lots of hair? hoping thats true.
like I mentioned most weight is going to my butt, I am happy to say that I can actually fill out my pants.
I am to the point where I cant rock Ryan anymore, it makes both of us so sad but at least he still has daddy. I am scared for the day where I cant pick him up!
At the ultrasound today everything looked AMAZING. He is cute for a scrawny little thing. I did have to tinkle THREE times while we were there if that says anything about how I spend my days lately.

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