Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my cat is like lassie

So in my haste to schedule out my wordless wednesday post I didnt even notice it was my 300th entry! I like to celebrate each milestone here :)

Okay onto the story. Every night since we were first married, hubs locks up the house before we go to bed, checks the doors, turns off lights, we check on monkey together most of the time. Last night was no different.

At 1:45am our cat, Nix, came in and was so loud. He was almost mad, he was meowing and nagging me to get up. I thought maybe I forgot to put food in his bowl before I crashed and he normally eats at night but then I remembered that I double checked that. Still he wouldnt not shut up and leave us alone. As soon as I sat up he ran over to the door and waited for me to follow. When I walked through the door way he ran down the hall and I saw something that scared the stuffing out of me. Our back door was wide open.

I screamed back to brad who got up, firearm in hand to check the apartment. Yes, we are a little backwoods like that just roll with it. We also both checked on Ryan, baby was still in bed. We both went through the events of the night, "did you check the doors, okay I did too" and couldnt figure out how it ended up unlocked AND wide open. I am a natural born worrier and add pregnancy to the mix I was freaking out. I couldnt stop shaking and couldnt sleep, I left the light on in our bedroom.

I think I finally fell back asleep and then around 3 am we both woke to the sounds of blood curdling screams from Ryan's room. I have never seen hubs move so quickly in his life. I think he literally FLEW over our bed and into Ry's room. With how shaky we both were from the open door incident this didnt help. I have nightmares of someone stealing my baby, Elizabeth Smart style.

We had a little family prayer to help calm all of our nerves and cuddled into our bed together.

Thanks Nix for looking out for us. Sometimes I think that cat hates me but if it wasnt for him we would have gone all night with the door open...... *shudder.

Not a night I ever want to relive again.

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Kayli said...

Oh man that is so scary!!! People are so nuts these days... wow...just wow. I'm glad you are all safe_

amy@agoodlife said...

holy crap lauren that is so scary!! i seriously had goosebumps reading this, i can't even imagine! so glad everything was ok :) yay cat!

Laura said...

Go Nix! I'm so glad that you are all okay! I'm sorry that you had a bad/scary night. I have that EXACT fear of kidnapping.

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