Monday, June 13, 2011

well hello there

Well hello there little blog of mine. I went off to this amazing conference and met all these great ladies. Then I came back and abandoned it all. So sorry about that. 

Pretty much everything in our house is on toddler time. We go from this-
 To this in a matter of .5 seconds.

Its over everything- eating, sleeping, shoes, teeth brushing, books, which toys we play with or movies we watch, whether we are going to see daddy at work or go to Yia Yia's house. Its insane. I drove home from my parents this weekend and he yelled and cried the WHOLE 4 hours in the car. By the time I got home I just wanted to bang my head against the wall.

I want to love the toddler stage. I want to enjoy his growing independence and personality. I want to wake up each morning excited to spend the day with my awesome little man child. But honestly I am not. We but butt heads constantly, it is one giant temper tantrum from sun up to sun down 6.5 days out of the week. I have tried everything. Reasoning- hahahahahaha. Okay it works like 5% of the time. Distractions- he gets SO mad when he thinks his feelings and thoughts are being pushed aside, he will not be deterred. Playing outside? That works when I have enough energy to chase him around a park and when its sunny- combination of those happen about 2% of the time.

He is just awesome but SO incredibly difficult at the same time. Dear old grown up Ryan- when you read this you must come give me a big hug and apologize for making me wrinkle and grey at an early age because of you.

In pregnancy related news I am 12 weeks finally! I feel like we were cruising along so fast and then now we slowed down. I think I am just crazy because part of me wants it to speed up again but the other part is no where near ready for two children. I am only up 8 lbs now from my starting weight. I lost a bunch being so nausea's all the time then I slowly started gaining it back with Jelly Bean getting bigger. According to my belly button this baby is done cooking, its already poking out I cant imagine what 28 more weeks will look like.

We have another OB appointment this week, cant wait to see them wiggling around in there, we should find out the gender in a few weeks too, I can hardly wait I am so anxious. I have had so many people assume and say to me well you probably want a girl this time. Actually NO. I have NO preference whats so ever! I am not the mom that waits to have one of each so I can be done :) I am going to be so insanely happy with whomever the Lord sends.

The gestational diabetes its getting under control I have to retrain myself and they way I eat but it is so torturous for a pregnant gal to not be able to fill up on carbs! Its hard to feel satisfied after a meal I am always left hungry and needing more food but I have had my "allotment" for the time. Oh why do my children like to plague me from the beginning with heartache and suffering?

But its all worth it I cant wait to hold another little one in my arms.. and breastfeeding! woop woop so excited for that one I miss it SO SO much. Yes I know that is super weird, just roll with it.

Do you have any questions for us? Hubs and Ryan are open to answering some as well, we would love to put together a Q&A post/section of this blog so email away OR ask on fb or twitter. All my contact info can be found above in the tabs

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! I am not a "toddler mom" either, it is a really difficult phase for me. Add in being newly pregnant (tired & emotional) and you have a recipe for disaster! I think my the 2 year old watched "Cars" every day of my first trimester two years ago!

The good news is that they get SO FUN really soon. My oldest is 4.5 and I just adore hanging out with him, it is pretty much my favorite thing. Once they can communicate their needs it only goes up from there.

kayli sue said...

My son is going through an ultra whining phase and it drives me nuts. I know he just has a hard time understanding and communicating. I'm considering speech therapy because I'm so done.

I miss breast feeding too even though I had no milk. I honestly started thinking about trying again except it doesn't work that way.

You are awesome and great!

the mom diggity said...

So sorry it's been tough with your little one. Pegnancy is hard enough without chasing a toddler...especially a defiant, stubborn one :) i have one of those in my house too! I hope you are finding more energy as you reach the end of trimester one!

Beth Riley said...

Maybe this is for Q&A, but Ryan's in unders! How is that going? Mostly good, or still lots of accidents?

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