Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the things I say

Sometimes things come out of my mouth and I cant believe I actually said it. Ask my best friend B she hears too many of them to still love me.

Currently I have 2 canker sores so bad I cant eat. I have a sinus infection and Ryan has a double ear infection. I think our dog is going into heat and my sissys were in town which meant double the adults in my apartment. Its a mess. We are a mess. Today was anything goes. It was insane.

Today I said......

you cant rub it on your body like lotion even if its the same color- talking about amoxocillin

dont lick his penis (to the dog in reference to ryan who wouldnt put pants on!)

I am going to watch you push a poopie out, you can do it. Push real hard.

Dont tinkle on the couch

Why do you have to be naked all the time?

I dont want to play trains if you smell like poop

Do you want to take a cookie to bed with you?

For reals? And pardon the mess around here I am cleaning blog house and working on a new look I love what I had but I like to change things up every now and then. If anyone wants to lend a helping hand or knows a great designer let me know!

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Penny Hughes, Personal Publishing Consultant said...

sometimes you can refrain from sharing it all - it's okay. The Penis comment, totally not cool. Please go to the "time out chair" and do some tidying up on your post. Love, your mommy.

Andrea said...

I agree with your mom, lol.. Cute new font.. we say funny things often with kids huh.. these made me laugh as they are so typical of Boy life around the Shannon home.. Rule of our pad, MUST wear UNDIES!! lol..xo

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

baha you are HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud at a few of those...

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