Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hello glucose reader

I am not happy to see this little guy again. We spent lots of time together while I was pregnant with Ryan. I was so sick all the time with the usual nausea but then there was this other side. Nasty head aches and body aches, shaky, and dizziness. Pixie sticks and jolly ranchers seemed to help but I wasnt sure why. 

When I went in for my 24 week glucose test I was nervous! I had that orange drink cooling in my fridge for 2 weeks and everyone had told me how completely, make you want to gag and throw up out the window, disgusting it was. 
I believed it until I had my first sip of that orange-y perfection in a bottle. WOW it was so good. I held the bottle upside down to let every single ounce drop into my mouth and then I wanted more. I just thought "hmm okay thats different than I was told" 
The nurse's eyes bugged out of her head when she took my blood. Then she said she needed to do it again. Second time and she got a frown on her face- "honey, you are diabetic"
And that was it. No 3 hour test to confirm. My score of 220 was enough to call it right then and there. I was sent home with packets of information and a glucose meter. I was also sent to a dietitian to help monitor my progress.

After a few really rough weeks.. sky high levels and sugar scores low enough to put me in a coma I switched to a high risk OB and got things under control. Thankfully Ryan wasnt the typical 9 or 10 lb diabetic baby they tried to prepare me for. I love his little 6lb 13oz bum. 

So that brings me to this pregnancy! I have been feeling icky and not the normal icky so I had hubs pull out the first aid box and I grabbed my trusty glucose meter from 2 years ago. 
score of 163 :( 
A healthy score for me is anywhere between 90 and 120. 70 when I first get out of bed in the morning. 

Here we go again...  
I am just happy to find out at 9 weeks instead of waiting another few months and wondering why I feel like crappers. 

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Courtney K. said...

Ugh. Not fun. The orange drink wasn't that bad to me, either. It wasn't the greatest thing, but it definitely wasn't the worst. LOL Here's hoping that this phase passes quickly.

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