Thursday, May 26, 2011

one for the record books

Oh nelly today was a rough one! Super sick and tired, high sugar scores, cranky toddler who wouldnt sleep. Yeah it was pretty bad! But every time I took a step back I was reminded of how cool my life is sometimes.

Ryan sings and dances ALL THE TIME. He sings Old Mcdonald non stop. Our farm is pretty cool, cooler than most. We have the usual- pig, cow, horse, duck. But we also have elephants, monkeys, frogs, and lions. And when he dances, he gets down! He is always ready to entertain a crowd.

My mom got Ryan a book called "Momma Whats In There?" Its a book about mommy animals having a new baby and Ryan loves it, we read it a few times every day. Thanks to the book he now thinks his mommy isnt the only one having a baby. If you ask Ryan where HIS baby is he points to his belly button.

So yeah there are days Ryan wont take a nap at all and they are pretty much the worst days ever, but by some miracle my kid that never sleeps well has been taking these random FOUR hour naps. Going down at 11 and sleeping well into the afternoon. I wish it was everyday but beggars cant be choosers in this house.

He is a nudist. He hates clothes. I constantly find him naked and its quite entertaining. I have become pretty relaxed in my parenting so most of the time I dont care. He waters plants outside in the buff and runs around all morning nekkid. Rock it kid you cant get away with that much longer. I have only found him stripping in his crib twice. I pray that I never walk in to find a mess.......

He is a whiz kid when it comes to my cell phone. He is always unlocking it and calling one of his grandparents or daddy. There has been multiple times he brings me the phone saying "yia yia!" or "daddy!" and sure enough they are on the phone.

He is so crazy and I love him for it. I wish I had some pictures but he is being the biggest pill when I pull the camera out!

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Courtney K. said...

How sweet!! I can imagine the days get long and exhausting having to chase a toddler around AND be pregnant at the same time. :) Love that you are keeping such a positive attitude and optimistic outlook!

Chelsea said...

Sorry about the diabetes again!! Thats no fun. I had a day or two like yours this week too, its rough. Hang in there girl! Love ya.

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