Monday, May 16, 2011

chatty kathy

Now that our secret is OUT I have oh so very much I cant wait to write about. If you dont want to hear pregnancy updates and posts about weird food cravings you should skip us for the next few months :) 

The night before my expected... cycle... I was laying in bed around 11:30 and it hit me like a semi truck. 

You are pregnant. 

Yup, just like that. I brushed it off all night so I could sleep and because I have done this every 32-35 days for the last while. This month was going to be like every other. Til the next morning when I had hubs run to the grocery store for a few things.. one of them was a pregnancy test. I had to just know I wasnt willing to wait a few days to ride it out. 

Within 20 seconds of recapping the test the most crazy/amazing/scary/wonderful 2 syllabus word flashed on the screen. Pregnant. I was too shocked for tears or laughing or anything. I sat their for a second letting is sink in. Then I ran out of the bathroom waving the test in the air doing the most insane hyper happy dance you ever did see. I hugged both my boys and both of them were just as happy as I was. 
(hubs was just as happy it just took long for it to sink in)

That was April 26th. Here we are a few weeks later and its been a crazy ride already! I have already gained almost 10 pounds! This baby likes to E.A.T. At first it was Mexican food and now its everything fresh and clean. Lots of produce! With eating so well its crazy that today I could not button my pants. At the start of week 6 the nausea, fatigue, and hair falling out, forgetful pregnant brain all began. With Ryan I was sick as a dog, throwing up all day, til my 3rd trimester. I have a feeling it will be the same way this time- but sick mama means healthy baby, right?

I saw little jelly bean at my first OB appointment and its sure cute. As of now there is only ONE jelly bean in there but the nurse didnt give me hope as she said well the other one could always be hiding. I am pretty sure it will stay just one but its always in the back of my mind, the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes. My amazing OB does ultrasounds every visit so I cant wait to see jelly bean again in a few weeks. 

I havent picked up my camera in a while I have been so tired but I will get back to it soon. I already have a bump and Ryan is always doing something silly like aways. 

Til then...... 


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Mandy said...

Yahoooo! I love hearing about those special moments when you first find out!!

AmyLee said...

ahhh!! i wanna see the bump!! :)

Chelsea said...

I am so excited for you guys!! Congrats girly!!

Heather M said...

OMG!!!! yay!!! you just gave me chills, Im sooooo excited for you!!!!! You have given yet another reason to want #2!! thanks for being soooo Awesome!!! YAY!!! so happy!!!

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