Sunday, February 27, 2011

steppin out, on sunday, to church.

My first steppin out post ever! I was feeling purrdy cute today and well Ryan always is. We even had a second to spare before we left for church this morning. 

cardi: gap
ruffle top: H&M
skirt: H&M
tights: target
shoes: famous footwear
necklace: simplybeen
ring: my husband ;) and charolette ruse

shades: gymboree 
shirt: childrens place
tie: H&M
jacket: target
pants: old navy
shoes: stride rite
bandaids: cars 

he would also like to show you how much he loves these little guys

Needing some advice dear mama's. Ryan has been going to the nursery at church since October and he still SCREAMS the entire time (2 hours!) We go every Sunday, its the same people and same kids in there. We dont make a big deal about the good bye just drop him off say have fun and walk out. After the first hour I have been going in to get him the last few weeks because I feel bad for the teacher and the other kids. He will be covered in hives and will have most likely passed out once from crying so hard. You all know how stubborn he is (sleeping training for a year now). I will just keep putting him it there, week after week but I am just wondering what the heck I should do. I feel bad for everyone!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I don't have any advice (my son is just about 8 months old & never had a problem with daycare) but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your little man's Church outfit! That tie! So cute. :D

Mandy said...

Oooh you and Ryan look awesome!! AND about nursery, my niece did the SAME thing when she was Ryan's age. Basically her Mom would just go into nursery with her and hang out so she's feel more comfortable. But she wouldn't take her out, because then she'd think she could throw a fit and leave whenever she wanted. Eventually, Nichole (my sis in law)could leave for short periods of time... and then.... my niece was fine in there alone. I dunno! Wish I could give better advise!

Shawntae said...

you look sooo cute! i love your hair and your whole outfit.

Ryan's sunglasses are so hilarious. He is soo funny.

Nanette said...

Very cute indeed!

Also, may I please have your tiny, tiny waist?

Jealous Blogger ;)

Zwickl Family said...

Ohhh, you look adorable. Seriously, model-like.

And we had this problem with Logan and the gym daycare. Mostly when I drop him off he wails almost the entire time. What I started doing was, go in there and play with him until he finds something interesting enough to take his attention off of you, then slide out quietly.

Also, another thing that helps is having my husband drop him off.

Maybe try these two things and hope he gets better! I totally know how much it sucks leaving your crying baby.

Jency and Joey said...

Gorgeous. But, of course, you always have been ;)

Beauty said...

Hi, topping by from SOS. Had to say that I love your outfit! You're adorable!

AmyLee said...

lauren you are adorable!! love this outfit.

i don't have any advice about nursery except if you figure it out let me know so i can do well with p-ray!!

Stephanie Thigpen said...

You both look ADORABLE! As for the nursery, I would probably have to agree with Mandy... Maybe if you were in there with him and he saw that you were comfortable in the nursery, it would in return make him for comfortable. I wish I could be of more help! :(

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your outfit! Your cardigan adds the perfect pop of color :]

Anonymous said...

Love the steppin out idea, and you both look fabulous!

On the screaming separation anxiety, I think you have to make this stop. I would have taken the same approach you did initially, but since it hasn't improved, I would backtrack and do smaller steps. Stay with him most of the time, then leave for a few minutes. Come back and give hugs. Leave for a few minutes. Come back and give hugs. Over time you can make the time apart longer and longer (like you do in sleep training schemes). Two hours is simply too long to let him cry it out (hard on him, not good for the childcare worker either!).

I think if he was going to just get over it, he would have done that by now. Some kids are just much higher anxiety and much harder to soothe than others. It is built in biologically. He will get through it but it will take a lot more intervention from you. I feel for ya. Tough stuff.

Courtney Kirkland said...

How cute are you?! And Ryan is such a little doll. Love those shades he's rockin! As for the nursery thing: I agree with what Mandy said. Maybe go in there and sit with him for a while and let him see that it's okay and that he has to stay in the nursery. Noah did that the first couple of Sundays we took him, but eventually he grew out of it and looks forward to "play time." Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be! :)

Heather M said...

Girl you are toooo cute! I love the cardigan, the color is awesome! Ryan is a doll!! I dont have much advice on the nursery thing, but ill pray that it get easier!

Heather M said...

Girl you are toooo cute! I love the cardigan, the color is awesome! Ryan is a doll!! I dont have much advice on the nursery thing, but ill pray that it get easier!

Blush said...

how too beautiful are YOU! I love your style, its charming and your little guys so sweet

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