Saturday, February 26, 2011

day in mommyland

Nothing about this is spectacular or ground breaking. Its just my life as Monkey's momma. However, there was a small victorious moment today that happened in the Target parking lot we will get to that in a minute. Target, what is it with that place that makes it so freaking amazing?

The fore-mentioned fish tank and one of our 6 little inhabitants, yet to be named

With weather like this we dont have much to do. A trip to Target for some retail therapy sounded good.

 Ry realizing he got jipped in the shoe department. 

 Ryan's reason for being on his best behavior. 

My reason for being on my best behavior ;)

He is our personal heater, the child never wants to wear a coat. I had to convince him to at least put pants on to check out the snow. 

playing around while I eat lunch

Followed by stealing my lunch. Who could blame him- homemade BBQ chicken pizza...

And of course my victorious moment, followed by happy dance, was purchasing my first CD in nearly 8 years. Good thing I have raised my son on quality music because he jammed with me in the car the whole way home. I day dreamed of being in a little sports car, windows down, shades on, and alone.. lovely huh. 

Dear Sara,
You rock. 


Zwickl Family said...

Oh, I <3 Sara, too!

Ryan is just too cute!

rebecca marie said...

You should probably know that I AM going to borrow and burn that CD to my iTunes :) kthnx

Anonymous said...

LOVE Target. I have a serious weakness for it and can spend WAY too much money there way too quickly.

Courtney Kirkland said...

How cute is he? I love this idea. And I'm so BEYOND jealous of you and Target....I miss Target. Very much. to be sad now. LOL

Meagan said...

I saw sara in 08 when she was just coming out at this tiny theater. SHE is ammmmmazing in concert. Like, afterwards I thought she was my bff and we were going to hang out everyday after the concert. She is so fabulous.

Your pics are gorgeous!

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