Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Every night since we brought our little colicky bundle of joy home from the hospital we have done the same things. We are routine kind of people and our boy thrives with the consistency we give him.

We start with tubby time

then we brush teeth and get covered in lotion. sometimes he gets to do the naked dance on the bathroom counter. but sometimes he tinkles up there. oops.

then he gets dressed and we read stories. i have been booted out of the rocking chair, he is big enough to do it himself these days

for lindy- funny the difference in our nightly reads. (she took a great picture of some text from twilight)

hopefully we snuggle and give good night kisses around this time.

sweet dreams baby boy. i love you. 



Mandy said...

So cute!! I have been working on a post with B's bedtime routine, too! But I've been totally slacking. We're all about routine over here also!

jill said...

so sweet. i love that you have documented this. {i was hoping to see a sleeping ryan photo too but i totally understand taking pictures of these guys once they are asleep!}

Linkie Lueville said...

So, so, so cute! Routines are a must over here. Claire loses it I'd I don't have her in bed by 8pm! Definity the key to a happy toddler!

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