Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today we visited daddy at work, there is a cool frozen yogurt place near by we tried out.

Patiently awaiting his fro-yo

it was too yummy to snap a before picture

we love daddy, he works so hard for our little family 

of course there was some of this goodness going on

we also had to check out the doggies in the pet store. he is finally warming up to them.

we need this rain to go away so we can start playing outside! spring can not come soon enough. 


Polished Portrayal said...

Dude! You DID NOT just complain about the rain!

The snow here? Up to my waist! Consider yourself saved.

Zwickl Family said...

You and that FroYo didn't help my diet. Now I want some. Like now.

Glad you could enjoy it for me. :)

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