Wednesday, December 1, 2010

beat of his own drum

My child is very... special. Or lets just say unique. I love is his crazy/sweet personality and that it can go from one to the other in a  split second.

Things that make him march to the beat of his own drum

He can efficiently take the lid off chap stick, apply it to his those darling lips and replace the cap, all without fumbling

He can cover pretty much all of his body in an even layer of lotion

He will eat anything as long as it can be dipped in something

No need to sing this kid to sleep, he sings to himself

He can turn on the tv and flip through channels til he finds something he likes. Basketball is always a winner

He is a master at taking off his diaper, with his pants still on

He can carry a massive amount of things using the his neck

He is great at picking both nostrils at the same time

The correct key will go in the lock of the car door every single time if he is aloud to try

He can put Q-tips in both of his ears and walk around with them poking out forever (the safety tip ones!)

He can turn anything into a great place to sit. A bucket, a box of wipes, a pile of laundry.  A boy likes to be comfortable. 

I love my silly boy


jill said...

this is adorable. little boys are so much fun!!!

Short Leg Lucy said...

This is so stinkin cute!!! you're son is adorably sweet!

Jill said...

Adorable. Key in the lock is awesome, isn't it?

melissa d. said...

that is so funny...carries things with his neck? haha, that sounds like something my kids would do = match made in heaven.

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