Monday, December 6, 2010

grateful for

Hubs would like all of us ladies to know he is so glad that blogging exists so we can have great friendships and support when we need it the most.

Yes he is awesome sometimes.

He mentioned this because one of Ryan's bestest buds is really sick and in the ICU. He has had 2 surgeries to remove parts of his intestines that died and leaked into his little body. He has been fighting hard to stay alive ever since. He has been in the hospital since Friday and will be there for about a month.

They are only 24 hours apart and have grown up together, sat in the back of church and played with toys together every Sunday. Please keep William and his family in your prayers. If you would like the link to the blog his mom has started please email me privately.


Mandy said...

Oh that poor little babe. He will definitely be in my prayers!

Polished Portrayal said...

Much love to you, William and William's family. And hugs.

Love the photos in this post by the way- you are beyond talented my dear.

Heather M said...

Handsome guys! William and his family are def in my prayers, that’s heart breaking. Thank you so much for your encouragement you’re awesome!

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