Monday, November 1, 2010


After an enlightening comment from a dear friend I have done some editing to the post below. Sorry if I offended anyone that was not my plan

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Tiffany D. said...

I didn't read this before you edited it, but what I read is SO well written! Mean girls DO suck! I talk to my husband about this all the time, brainstorming how I can successfully raise my girls (and boy!) to be independent and have great self-confidence in themselves. But also to just be nice. I can't stand bullies! I'm pretty sure that any one bullying you was completely JEALOUS! So they had to put you down to help out their own self esteem. It's too bad. Hopefully those people have grown up and matured. I had no idea you suffered from any of this. I always looked at you and thought you were SO cute and SO talented!

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