Wednesday, August 25, 2010

you know when.

you know you are done breastfeeding when...

  • your baby is too big/long for your rocking chair (he is hanging over the edge, his bum isnt even over the chair anymore)
  • they wont give up til you give in
  • nothing will distract them from the thing they want most
  • they pull your shirt down 
  • or up
  • and come at you with a wide open mouth
  • when you fall asleep on the floor in the wee hours of the morning you wake up to them nursing on you
  • because they are smart enough to get to the source under all those clothes
  • they get mad when daddy puts them back to bed cause they know he does not have the goods
  • they get their foot caught in your hair... totally for real
  • and try to do break dancing moves while still attached 
  • they bite you on accident because they are laughing, with a mouth full
  • he grabs his lovely blanket and climbs in the rocking chair and waits for me
  • tried to nurse over the top of my shirt, which leaves awkward slobber marks
  • they have 16 teeth
maybe month 16 will be our lucky one. 


Matthew's Mommy said...

I will never forget the time he was like Superman position and squirming around while you were trying to nurse him. And he is totally bad about the pulling down or up your shirt when he wants to nurse. He is such a stubborn little boy and so adorable that I can totally understand why you give in.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Brin would kick my face!!!

Dang giiiiirl 15 months??? You are the nursing champ! Just look forward to a regular bra, no nursing g's and your regular wardrobe back!!

Chelsea said...

Hilarious!! Yeah, i just quit cold turkey when he turned one. It is fine though Lauren, its so good for him. Props to you for sticking too it so long!! We never got to some of those crazy stages, but I bet they are funny. Good luck!

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