Monday, August 2, 2010

This little piggy went to the market

and this little piggy stayed home
this little piggy had cupcakes
and this little piggy had none
and this little piggy ran
 wee wee wee wee 
all the way

Oh baby boy (I still wonder when I will stop calling you that) I look at these little feet of yours and how they have grown. Now that they are walking they never slow down. I wonder where they will take you in life and the kind of places you will see and people you will meet. Where will you live when you are not with me and daddy? What lucky girl will you make a home with some day? What adventures will these feet take you on? I hope you see the world and love every minute of it. I hope you travel near and far and everywhere in between. I want all the very best things for you. Use these feet to best of their ability. Use them to walk in paths of righteousness. Use them for service. Use them to make us and your Father in Heaven proud. Walk in paths that will always be a good example for your siblings. Use them for fun. 

Your feet have many years ahead of them but for now they spend time playing in water, feeling the grass between your toes, dirt on your skin, mommy's hands rubbing them with lotion, smashing your snacks with them on the floor, the way your soft blanket tickles.. they hate the feeling of socks and even more the feeling of shoes. 

I love your little piggies they are one of my favorite thing about you!

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