Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100 baby

I thought this day would never come. I started my blog nearly 2 years ago after I found out I was pregnant with monkey and here we are.... 100 posts later! In honor of my sweet little blog's 100th birthday here are 100 things that I want to do/see/feel/accomplish in my life. A bucket list you could say. In no particular order...

  1. Have lots and lots of babies
  2. grow old with my hubby
  3. see all my children grow up and get married in the temple
  4. send all my sons and maybe daughters on church missions
  5. have lots and lots of grand babies 
  6. own a big house with rooms for all of my stuff- crafts, toys, home office, guest rooms
  7. the house will have a front porch
  8. and a pool
  9. 2 words.... range rover
  10. meet the living prophet of our church
  11. travel to mexico
  12. back pack through Brasil, where the hubs went on his mission
  13. Europe
  14. Tahiti
  15. Go on a cruise
  16. visit as many temples as I can
  17. now i need an updated passport
  18. own a timeshare or a vacation house
  19. horse ride on the beach, at sunset
  20. meet the president
  21. be a part of the PTA
  22. be a better missionary
  23. coach gymnastics forever
  24. help all my sons become eagle scouts
  25. read every book.. ever written.. ok maybe not all of them
  26. learn Spanish
  27. hang out with the old lady sun birds in Arizona and write about them and their crazy antics 
  28. watch a sunrise on the hood of a car with my hubs
  29. oh that reminds me.. own a '69 mustang. red.
  30. see the 7 wonders of the world
  31. drive across route 66
  32. take ball room dance classes with the hubs
  33. take ballet again
  34. interpret sign language
  35. graduate college 
  36. ride in a hot air balloon
  37. see cirque du soleil 
  38. go on a church mission with the hubs when we are old
  39. watch meteor shower
  40. live in the south. not sure what state I just want the southern experience
  41. take cooking classes
  42. have publishers clearing house give me lots of money for no reason
  43. go to a blog conference
  44. win a blogging award
  45. own the table of my dreams from pottery barn
  46. get false eyelashes
  47. thinking of my dream job.. it would be getting paid to blog
  48. so maybe get a book published
  49. take photography classes
  50. then make money doing it
  51. and shoot for NILMDTS
  52. have a HUGE photo wall in my house full of my family and other loved ones
  53. meet Kenny Chesney and any other country stars
  54. retire young and cuddle on our front porch swing
  55. go on an African safari
  56. sky dive
  57. have a garden- a real one, in the ground 
  58. learn how to make awesome sushi
  59. play a new sport
  60. have a Heritage Makers office/show room 
  61. design a clothing line for little boys
  62. OR have a boutique catered to BOY stuff cause no one has that yet
  63. win a shopping spree at Anthro
  64. and take a personal shopper with me to tell me what to buy
  65. make fabric flowers for bows and head bands
  66. use my sewing machine more. learn how to be a great seamstress
  67. have a 6 pack.. abs that is
  68. wear red lipstick all day
  69. make all the crafts on brown paper packages
  70. take singing lessons
  71. meet all my online momma blogging friends
  72. get a mani/pedi every other week for the rest of my life
  73. name a daughter JANE (hahahahaha brad. eventually I WILL win)
  74. learn how to decorate cakes 
  75. donate my hair to locks of love
  76. run a marathon (how did I get this far without remembering that one?!)
  77. run relay for life, or another cancer walk
  78. donate blood (yeah i have never done that)
  79. donate a kidney, like my husband did!
  80. get over my fear of BIRDS, ahhhh the shock I know
  81. learn how to play guitar 
  82. record some of the music I have written
  83. then make my own lullaby CD
  84. have my own reality TV show. you know it would be awesome
  85. raise a lot of money for cancer research
  86. host a foreign exchange student 
  87. save a life
  88. have an all natural water birth
  89. well I would have to have a VBAC first
  90. attend a family reunion with EVERYONE
  91. go on more date nights
  92. laser hair removal :)
  93. own a wake boarding boat
  94. sail in boat around the Caribbean
  95. scuba dive
  96. go hunting
  97. sit down with my nanny and popa (grandparents) and write their life story
  98. adopt a child or 2,3,4... like I said I want LOTS of babies
  99. have a salt water fish tank
  100. live to be 100. I want to see an entire century of this world go by.
Thanks to everyone who reads my stuff,  and for all my friends and family who give me things to talk about, you make me so happy. I love you all! Here's to another 100!

this is subject to change, I have already swapped some out a few times! 

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Kandace Lewis said...

Reading this made me cry. Who knows why, but it toally did. :)

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