Monday, July 5, 2010

hey everybody..


Its taken a while to figure this out but I am off and going, walking is awesome- I can keep up with all my friends!

I havent blogged about Ry in a while, most everything about him is going on HIS blog because I got super lazy about it for a while. He going to be 14 months in July and we cant believe how fast its gone. 
He is turning into a chatter box.. his list of words now include- dada, up, yes, hoo hoo haha (monkey) fshhh (fish) hat, and hot (though they sound the same we have to take into consideration context) and HI, he is signing "more" "all done" "bye bye"
take note.. there is no MAMA in there anywhere :(

SO mama's- now I have run into a problem.. as most of you know he is SUPER high energy (one of the reasons he is a bottom-less food pit and only poops in his sleep) he never stops moving. ever. I actually let out a HUGE embarrassing sigh at the end of Relief Society on Sunday after the closing prayer. It was a total accident for it to be that loud but too late, everyone heard.

What do I do with this kid? Parenting a toddler is more than keeping him dry and full! Some days I feel like a total failure because all he did was crawl around my house opening drawers and pulling stuff out. We try to play outside any time its not raining, even if we need jackets. But he seems to get really bored at times and I feel like I should be teaching him Spanish and how to read a clock or something.. ok not really but what do YOU guys do? Should I feel bad for just letting him independent play all day? He LOVES TV (only his shows though, he could care less if Dr Phil is on) but I hate the days when I realize its been on for hours. 


Lindy Leigh said...

He's adorable and I like when little ones are loud and make me laugh :)

The Beesley Family said...

dude, there is nothing you can do..we are in the same boat! They will only sit on your lap and "learn" for so long and then they want to play by themselves. I read a thing about how it's ok for them do be doing that, it's how they learn and it's how they learn to be independent. You are a great mom, you are doing awesome, and the best you can do. I love you!

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