Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{mommy moment monday}

Sometimes things go on in my house that make me step back and say to my self... SERIOUSLY! did that just happen........ and it usually did. this was one of those things.

We have hit a very interesting stage in our house.. one where my baby has disappeared and I have a full blown CHILD! He goes to the kitchen, pulls out my hand mixer cord, and drags it around the house trying to find a socket left uncovered so he can plug it in. He will go from wall to wall til he finds one, and I guess I got a little sloppy cause he almost found 2 of them today oops. Here he is trying to be like mommy and daddy (after I covered the socket, dont worry!)

After poking it at the wall for a few moments he realized he cant get it to go anywhere so he gives up, surprisingly without a fight. Nicely done dude!

"what mama? you do this all the time!"

Good mommy moment, I am thankful for childproofing stuff, I am grateful for a very observant child, and I am grateful hes just so gosh darn cute. 

How was your Monday?


The Hardy Things in Life said...

That is awesome!! They are always watching us!!

Kayli Sue said...

Our house is prolly more secure than fort knox. Something about little boys makes them want to destroy everything!

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