Saturday, June 12, 2010

i love today

I have had a few really hard weeks with my little toddler.. BUT today was amazing. Everything about today was just perfect except for the fact that Brad had to work a bit. I wish I had the pictures to prove it but my camera (i mean my MIL's) is back at their house :( I need to get my own
Things that made today wonderful......

  • 80 degree weather
  • the farmers market with amazing girl friends and sweet baby friends
  • the smell of sun screen on my sweet little boy
  • the farmers tan he got even though I lathered him up
  • he has brads nice tan-able skin
  • two, 2 hour naps for the both of us ;)
  • spicy Mexican food for lunch
  • our swimming pool
  • Ryan loving it and about ran in to the deep end even though it was freezing
  • bansi burgers for dinner
  • my herbs are growing fast and smell amazing!
  • cuddling on the couch with my hunny while the sun goes down
  • baby gate on the back door so we can have lots of fresh air blow through our home
  • tomorrow is Sunday and we get to have another awesome relaxing summer day

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