Saturday, March 6, 2010

{9} months

Celebrating 9 awesome months with 9 things we love about Ryan!

1. he loves me, alot. he just follows me around the house all day and plays hide and seek

2. he is so cute when he eats, hes such a good eater and gets SO excited when I put food on his tray

3. he claps about everything!

4. he is almost in to his big boy car seat, we tried it out this week (still facing backwards however)

5. toys in baskets are the best. he loves to put them all in and dump them out again

6. he is taking good naps now! some of you might know how horrible of a sleeper he is so this is a BIG step!

7. he always throws his head WAY back and chugs his sippy cup when we are out because he knows people will always smile and laugh

8. he has WEANED himself from his pacie! crazy kid I know. he just one day was no longer interested. so now he is in love with my plastic and rubber measuring spoons. they are his comfort item and he goes everywhere and does everything with it

9. he has started standing up all on his own. but only if he REALLY wants to. he knows when we are trying to get him to do it so he just sits and laughs at us but then when we arent looking he will let go of the couch..


Rachel said...

Enjoy the putting things in baskets phase because it DOES NOT last!! At least in my house I spend 3/4 of my time putting my kids (and by kids I include Dave) things away!!

AlyseandMike said...

sooo cute!! how are you doing? ryan is getting big! i hope we can get together soon! i think i might be heading down to portland/vancouver soon! my cousin is having a baby and i want to see her! and i would love to see you too!

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