Saturday, October 10, 2009

Favorite Things

We just cant get enough of this little guy! His favorite things now include but are not limited too...
*"helping" Mommy type on the computer
*eating rice cereal mush
*sucking on his toes
*cuddling with his fuzzy blanket
*pulling hair
*poking at your face
*rolling over
*TV (oh great)
*fires, well he is an Alberts boy
*playing with Mom and Dad in bed in the weeee hours of the morning
* a feng shui CD that came from Grandma Penny years ago
*blowing spit bubbles/raspberries
*sucking on his thumb
*biting things that shouldn't be bitten with his new, very sharp teeth!

Cant believe how fast he's growing, we are SO lucky


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

oh how cute is he!! Where are you guys livign right now? I love your cute blog by the way

The Van Epps said...

CUTE! He sounds so adorable and your new blog look is really cool!

Brad Alberts said...

Thanks! Hes a doll, we love him so much. I did my blog header on AWESOME SITE. Its actually a poster you can make and I just saved the pdf of it and put in on here.

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