Friday, March 27, 2009

High risk!

Things with my pregnancy have been everything but easy. Between being sick everyday, exhausted beyond belief, growing pains, and heart burn- lets add gestational diabetes to the list! I was diagnosed with it a little more than two weeks ago after a glucose test. We were all surprised because I have been healthy as I could be this whole time and my weight gain has been on the low side. My wonderful nurse Connie checked my blood score twice to make sure. After a trip to the diabetic center at the hospital and a meeting with a dietitian I thought we would be ok. I have to be really careful on my total carb intake at each meal- too much or too little will mess me up bad. I was being very careful but it wasnt good enough. My sugar scores were all over the place and so my OB called me back in and put me on an insulin pill- glyburide. Then a week later we had to double the dose and start weekly non-stress tests! It has been a nightmare, I feel like we are living at the dr these days. Baby Ryan is ok so far but I have a feeling he will be born much ealier than we all planned, at least I hope so. My fingers are getting so sore from poking them and doing blood tests 4 times a day.

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The Van Epps said...

oh dang! Good luck! I get to take the test sometime in the next 2 weeks.
you can do it!!!

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