Monday, February 23, 2009

So far this year

Our lives seem to be progressing quite quickly these days, it was sad when I realized that I had to skip over the Christmas background and the Valentines day one and on to spring! I just hope that the weather here follows shortly after! (I am so sick of the rain and have the vacation bug BAD)
Brad is getting ready to take his Washington state insurance exams this week, the poor guy has been cooped up in our study/tv room for weeks now reading book after book on stuff I didn't even know existed! Once he passes his test he has an amazing job offer waiting for him, we wish him all the luck.
My high school season of gymnastics came to a wonderful close this weekend at the Tacoma Dome for the state championship. I am so proud of our girls and all the hard work they put in this season. We had 4 girls make it to state and our Amy took first on the balance beam in finals! Lots of tears and newspaper interviews later we are ready for next year! We hope to make it to state and compete as a team. It was a new experience being on the coaching side of high school sports but a rewarding one, its crazy its over already and I miss them so much!
In February we took a trip to Idaho for Caitlyn's baptism and for some family time, it was so great to see her growing up so fast and making good decisions, she is turning into such a beautiful young lady. I was also able to spend some much needed time with my family. My sisters and I had so much fun shopping and going out to dinner, I wish we all lived closer.
Baby Ryan is continuing to grow!! I swear my belly cant get any bigger and then it does... He's moving around and kickin so much, he even gets bouts of hickups! Its so fun to feel him in there, we cant wait for his arrival!


michelle said...

How cute are you lil mommy!!!!
We are so excited for you. Hope to see you soon.......I am so sorry we couldn't be at your wedding. Life has been pretty crazy up here.

Rebecca said...

Long time no see. How are you?

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